Staff Information

The Crimson Historical Review is composed of undergraduate students at the University of Alabama who are passionate about history, academic writing, and publishing. The board is advised by faculty editor Dr. Margaret Peacock. Interested in becoming a staff member? Undergraduate students at the University of Alabama are invited to contact

Faculty Editor 

Dr. Margaret Peacock is an Associate Professor of History and the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of History at the University of Alabama. She completed her Ph.D. in Russian history at the University of Texas – Austin and her master’s degree at UNC-Chapel Hill. She has written a couple of books and many articles. Her areas of research are in the history of propaganda, semiotics, and Soviet interactions with the Middle East. She can be contacted at


Kara Hutchinson is a senior from Alvaton, Kentucky majoring in Legal History and Political Science. She is currently doing an Accelerated Master’s Program in History. Her historical interests include legal and political history, particularly the legal history of 18th century America. She recently completed an honors thesis, “The Peculiar Province of the Courts: Federalist Consolidation of the Supreme Court from 1789-1803,” which examines political tactics used by the Federalist Party to establish the Supreme Court as a co-equal branch of government. She can be contacted at

Production Editor

Annika Lee is a senior from Portland, Oregon majoring in History with a minor in Criminal Justice. Her historical interests include the history of science and technology, as well as Southeast Asian colonial history. In particular, she enjoys studying computer history and how computing technology has impacted everyday life throughout the late twentieth century. She can be contacted at

Review Board Executive        

Mary Payne is a senior from Baton Rouge, Louisiana majoring in History with a self-designed minor in Dance and Art History. Her historical interests center around 19th century social history throughout Europe, and particularly that in Victorian England. She can be contacted at

Chief Copy Editor

Hallie Brill is a junior from Atlanta, Georgia majoring in History (Legal Concentration) with minors in Communications and Management. Her historical interests are primarily Asian, Russian, and American studies. However, she enjoys the public perception of history through entertainment, such as historical dramas, biopics, and novels. She can be contacted at

Proofing Editor

Kade Adcox is a senior from Lewisburg, Tennessee majoring in English and History with a minor in Spanish. His historical interests include late 19th and early 20th century English history with a focus on the development of modernism as a literary genre. He can be contact at

Editors-in-Chief Emeritus

Jackson Foster is a graduate student from Ft. Lauderdale, FL pursuing a Masters of Medieval and Early Modern Studies at Durham University. His historical interests include American constitutional and jurisprudential history, early modern English history, and the history of religion. At the University of Alabama, he completed an honors thesis, “‘Upon Malice Fore Thought:’ Murder, Manslaughter, and Movement towards an English State, 1480-1600,” which explores the relationship between judicial theories of guilt and the growth of state control in England.

Jodi Vadinsky is a graduate student at the University of Cambridge pursuing a Masters of Philosophy in Early Modern History. Her area of historical interest is, broadly conceived, the economic and social history of early modern Britain. At the University of Alabama, she completed an honors thesis, “When Women Wage Law: Women in England’s Church Courts 1550-1650,” which examines women’s active presence and claims of agency in early modern England’s ecclesiastical courts.