Vol. III, No. II

Spring 2021

Front Matter

A Letter from Chief Editor Jackson Foster

Contributor Biographies


Anna Veltfort’s Goodbye, My Havana: A Saga of History, Idealism, and Undying Love by Linda Gao

Joyce Salisbury’s Rome’s Christian Princess: Reflections on the Regency of Galla Placidia by Colleen McLafferty


Just a Glass: An Analysis of the Role of Alcohol in Konzentrationslager Auschwitz-Birkenau by Dylan Sanderson

The Nazi Weaponization of Jewish Victims: Jewish Complicity and “Privilege” during the Nazi Occupation of Greek Salonica by Maya C. Gonzalez

‘Off the Pigs?’: The Black Panther Party and Masculinity by Chandani Desai

Exploitation and Resistance: Enslaved Motherhood at the University of Alabama by Katie Marks

A Moral Crusade: The Preservation of Segregation by Southern Baptists in Alabama by Morgan Hundley

Persistent Resistance: The Struggle Against School Integration in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (1956-2007) by Benjamin Trost