Vol. III, No. I

Fall 2020

Front Matter

A Letter from Chief Editor Jackson Foster

Contributor Biographies


Slaves of the West: Exploitation, Struggle and Resistance Among Early 20th Century California by Andrew Bilodeau

Industrial Warfare and Labor Identity by Jason Daniels

Alienated Allies: Northern Irish Women During the “Friendly Invasion” of 1942-45 by Greyson Hoye

The Policy of Cooperation: The American Military Government, the Christian Social Union, and Colonial Politics in Occupied Germany, 1945-49 by Aaron Freedman

Journalistic Integrity and the “Setting Sun”: Nancy Crawshaw and the British Information Environment in the Cyprus Emergency by James Richie

Reforming Black Girlhood and Sexuality at the Missouri State Industrial Home for Negro Girls, 1930-1948 by Kayla J. Smith