Submit a Book Review

Important Information:

Ensure your submission is in line with the official style guide of the CHR and be certain to check the additional requirements below. The final date to submit a review for the Spring 2024 edition is Feb. 10th.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions should be written on a book assigned in an undergraduate course that the author has taken, or is currently taking. Reviewed books should not be primary sources.
  • Submissions should contain a synthesis of the book’s research question, argument, and methodology, as well as the intervention the book claims to make within its discipline.
  • Submissions should include a description of the book’s pedagogical value, reflecting on the manner in which the book shaped classroom discussion and reflection. Authors should discuss if the book was conducive to their scholarly growth.
  • Submissions that focus extensively on the book’s length, style, and prose are discouraged.
  • Submissions must not have been previously submitted to the Crimson Historical Review, nor previously published elsewhere.
  • Limit one submission per student per semester.
  • Submissions should be at least 1,000 words long, but are discouraged from exceeding 2,500.

After you’ve finished reading the submission guidelines, your review should be sent as a word document, with name and identifying details removed, to Include your name, institution, and class standing in the email’s body.